First day of my last year

At least I hope; there were a couple of last year’s seniors in the back of Adam’s class yesterday afternoon…

First day of classes’ verdict: not as bad as I expected. The music class was more interesting and less focused strictly on music than I was expecting, since the teacher also talked a little about history and visual art movements around the time of Haydn + Mozart as well. Also, while I may not be talented when it comes to music, at least I knew my history and art movements. I was the only person who finally answered the teacher’s question of what major event happened in 1789… >.<

Dynamic Persuasion Design in the morning covered what the students did over the summer and then we learned some about Stefan Sagmeister in preparation for his visit in October. Both Jason and Adam’s classes are a little worrying to me because they’re both taking a very open-ended attitude about our projects, and coming back from summer to RIT is always rough even with specific project goals. But I guess I’ll just put a lot more time into research and concepting until I get good ideas…

Art history class was interesting, not so much because of the content but because of the enthusiasm of the teacher… and the movie we watched during the second half of class. The R-rated movie that nonetheless filled us in a lot on Rococo culture.

Also, when I went to get groceries with friends on Sunday (oh mannnn the grocery stores are OPEN on Sundays!) and there was this awesome soap:

Purple soap. With rainbows. Its Fabuloso!
Purple soap. With rainbows. It's Fabuloso!

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