Polite Distance

I’ve recently noticed that I’m receiving the benefit of the door holding effect here at RIT, which I find amusing. A certain amount of the time, it has actually been extended ridiculously far beyond the 2-foot range, into the 15-20 foot range. No cars here have changed to the other side of the street to get a closer look at me yet though lol. Maybe that’s just a German thing.

Also, is it a new fashion to wear goatees with the chin cut out? Or perhaps I should describe it as the Winnfield. I recently noticed several guys in class wearing these odd facial hair styles. Also also, Humans vs. Zombies at RIT – our generation’s version of Capture the Flag or Freeze Tag. A small number of initial zombies “bite” humans (the two sides are indicated by scarves worn on the forehead or arm respectively) to infect them and make new zombies, the humans “stun” zombies with nerf guns, and the goal is to last as long as possible against the increasing tide of zombies. As much as it bothers the people who have to keep order, it’s way too much fun to watch!

Despite it only being week 3 of 10, my classes are all taking tests or starting term projects. Test in music class, term paper proposal in art history, project proposal for persuasive design class and a second for environmental imaging class, plus normal homework for these various classes.

In other news, good luck to Norman in Australia! His blog is in German, but for those who can, hopefully it will be good reading. My own small efforts to work abroad have met with some trouble – my meeting with the work abroad counselor was rescheduled, and I’ve been hearing negative things about working in Germany. What experiences have you had working in Europe, especially you who actually work in Germany?

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