The past two weeks we’ve been working on a little exercise in perspective montage, making “public announcement” postcards. The style is similar to They Might Be Giants’ postcards from five years ago or whenever. (I have copies of them, but they’re not available anymore… it’s weird to realize that I’m an old enough fan to have collectible merch from Them) Huge thanks to Tara for her help with this project:

First draft
Final version

My work abroad meeting went well except there are going to be pretty big fees in addition to moving costs, which will make it even more difficult to make the move to Germany. Nonetheless, the counselor was pretty optimistic about my ability to find work, even though I’m the first who’s asked for a full-time position instead of just a co-op. There are big challenges with this, so I’m definitely going to be applying to American companies! Maria said she’s never seen a German company offer a full relocation package, so I’m trying to work as much as I can manage (this being busy senior year and all) and I’m saving now to help cover costs.

To help with both lines of applications, I’m becoming a Study Abroad Peer Mentor (well, maybe more because I love talking about my study abroad, but the resume points are nice too ~.^). I’m also submitting twelve of my photos to their photo essay contest! I’m really excited and hopeful.

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