RIT: Hit the Ground Running

Aaaahh! They have homework here! I have to spend my non-class time doing it! D: This will take some getting used to. I’m just thankful that so far my classes seem reasonable with good teachers. Tai Chi on Wednesday night was cool. Very different from the Tai Kwon Do I did as a kid, but I like it so far, it’s a lot more dancelike. It’s relaxing too, to be forced to spend an hour concentrating on my body and the nice music instead of homework due tomorrow. Now that I’m officially a Research Assistant at work instead of just a glorified student worker, work keeps me significantly busier. I spent all day Tuesday alphabetizing profile tests a couple of the professors collected. Until the quarter really heats up though, it’s kind of nice to be occupied at work, even if it’s so simple.

The activity provides me less time for doing homework, so my evenings have been pretty rushed trying to get everything done. It’s paying off though because Adam said he liked my first design project, and Jason said my concept for our October project sounds like a good start. The teachers here really make you value their rare compliments and not take them for granted…

This assignment dictated that we use the three phrases “Environment is…” “Community is…” and “Green is…” to design a triptych with photos we took. Since we were free to finish the sentences as we wished, and since we’ve been given so many green issue design projects in the past year, I decided to take it in a different direction: if the government of 1984 wanted propaganda created around these phrases, how would it be presented?

I love the power and impact of WWII and Russian Constructivist propaganda, but strict references to those material are pretty over-used, so I based the color scheme and graphics on communist (not strictly Russian) materials, while trying to give it a newer, younger-audience appeal. Major thanks to Nick and Anthony for posing on such short notice!

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