Monthly Archives: October 2009

Progress Update

My Haydn + Mozart paper was graded over the weekend – not bad by my standards and far better than I expected, considering how hard I found to write it. :) In class Dr. Ruhling went over “Idomeneo,” the opera I watched last week, and now I know a little better what to watch for and try to enjoy. Listening to the G&S operetta (more…)

Last Winter Quarter!

Today: Registration for winter classes… Graduation creeps closer! I’m liking my schedule although Tuesdays with Adam look like they will be loooong. Still have to figure out where to fit about 10 hours of work in. And it sounds like I may be missing a class that I thought I didn’t have to register for, but that will have to wait (more…)

First Round Comps

So, clearly I’m going to have to post a little more often, because one post/week is really not enough, even if I don’t have much to write about during the quarter. I’m trying to cut down on the load time for the blog, so sorry for the small sizes – some of the fine detail is lost but you can still get the idea. Below is a progression of comps for my Digital Persuasion Design project: (more…)


I recently got a freelance job from a local who wants Warhammer cards made. It’s pretty exciting because it involves my putting together a team to illustrate and design the cards. Chelsey and Christian will be working on the illustrations, and I’ll be designing the cards themselves and managing the project. We’re starting out doing (more…)


School is keeping me pretty busy, and when I’m not busy with homework or classes, it’s work or any number of other things that need to be taken care of for life to function, so things are a bit delayed. I’ll keep posting my projects as they come up. My research about Caspar David Friedrich is turning out to be quite interesting, (more…)