First Round Comps

So, clearly I’m going to have to post a little more often, because one post/week is really not enough, even if I don’t have much to write about during the quarter. I’m trying to cut down on the load time for the blog, so sorry for the small sizes – some of the fine detail is lost but you can still get the idea. Below is a progression of comps for my Digital Persuasion Design project:

Image Board + Brainstorming

The wireframes aren’t due until Wednesday, so I still have quite a bit of time to work on them. Obviously only the first is really a wireframe – I felt inspired to go ahead and put some style on them and I think it’s allowed me to get a little bit of a jump on the comping process. I’ve heard good reactions about the textured background and the lighting behind the content box, so I’ll probably go with that style in the background. The rest (layout, typefaces, color scheme, etc) are still under debate.

The sections are largely clear, with “our company” having a profile and “our wines” actually advertising the products. “Entertaining” has tips for wine serving and parties; “faux pas party” will be some sort of quiz/game show about wine and party etiquette, per my teacher’s suggestion. The site is aimed at young professionals who don’t know a lot about wine but want to look classy in front of their friends and to have a convenient choice of wine label to buy – and maybe learn a little along the way.

Yes, I’m not technically old enough to be working on this project. This only occurred to me after I told the teacher I wanted to do a wine company’s website for my open-ended portfolio-contribution project. I figured the aesthetic style required for a classy wine company would match well with what I like to do, giving me a chance to really shine.

So far the project has been cool and I’ve been enjoying making the comps, so I guess I picked the right topic despite the obstacles to researching it.

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