Last Winter Quarter!

Today: Registration for winter classes… Graduation creeps closer! I’m liking my schedule although Tuesdays with Adam look like they will be loooong. Still have to figure out where to fit about 10 hours of work in. And it sounds like I may be missing a class that I thought I didn’t have to register for, but that will have to wait for my meeting with my department head to assign the credits I earned in Germany.

8-10 career skills
12-1:30 gothic art + architecture

8-10 senior team project
12-2 modern german history
2-6 team project

12-1:30 gothic art

edit: 9-9:50 planning for experimental new media
12-2 modern germany
2-5 career skills

I also had my art history midterm (in week 7…), which went better and worse than I expected. We’ll see how I really did when I get the grade for it. ^^; I’ve started watching the Mozart operas for class, and OMG, opera is not my thing. If they weren’t 3 hours long, if I didn’t have to watch five of them in the next two weeks… they might be more tolerable. But as it is, I’m not really clear on what appealed to people about these things. Thank goodness for musicals! (And Gilbert + Sullivan)

2 Responses to “Last Winter Quarter!”

  1. Frances Jacobson Harris
    | Reply

    Here’s what my husband always says about opera: “What are they doing to that poor woman???”

  2. Marilyn Case
    | Reply

    My mother LOVED opera. I could never really get into into, although I have to admit that there are several arias that I really enjoy. But I agree with you; 3 hours is just too long to listen to people sing in a foreign language!

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