School is keeping me pretty busy, and when I’m not busy with homework or classes, it’s work or any number of other things that need to be taken care of for life to function, so things are a bit delayed. I’ll keep posting my projects as they come up. My research about Caspar David Friedrich is turning out to be quite interesting, I evidently picked the right guy to write about. I haven’t started my term paper research about Haydn’s use of Sturm und Drang style though, and the week after next we start watching Mozart’s operas for class… not sure how that’s going to go.

A week and a half ago I did these panorama photos for QTVR class:

The first time I tried to stitch the library one together, it gave me this pretty spectacular result:

Sometimes... Photomerge doesnt merge as well as youd like.
Sometimes... "Photomerge" doesn't merge so well.

Thursday, my awesome new winter coat arrived. Yes it’s a little big… thank you overweight America for inflating clothing sizes, and making it even harder to order the right clothes online. However, I do like it a lot! It should last me a while if I take care of it, and I can wear sweaters underneath for extra warmth. For the facebook people who have been asking, I do have a hat (my gray one that I’ve had for years), which I think goes fine with this coat and my gray scarf.


Nonetheless, add in awesome hat + oversized weapon + epic pose and I could have my own anime show. xD

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