Progress Update

My Haydn + Mozart paper was graded over the weekend – not bad by my standards and far better than I expected, considering how hard I found to write it. :) In class Dr. Ruhling went over “Idomeneo,” the opera I watched last week, and now I know a little better what to watch for and try to enjoy. Listening to the G&S operetta “Pirates of Penzance” the other night, I noticed a rage aria and of course love duets like he mentioned always occur in opera – evidently I’m learning things in that class. Last night I was up late working on design homework and ended up watching the second half of “the Magic Flute,” which was actually kind of awesome. It would have been nice if I’d known I was going to watch it so I could read the synopsis before it started, and if I’d had more concentration to spare for it, but the music was nice to listen to at any rate.

I had one of the German professors check over my resume, and she said it looks good (though teachers seem to have a talent for making a few small changes cover the entire page with red ink). I’m now in week 8 (of 11) and while I’m not exactly sure how on earth I’m going to get two ~8-page papers written and two websites tweaked and implemented, things look more promising since that first paper got a good grade.

Evidently somewhere in the last year or so, my teachers went from the opinion that “you must push through to complete the assignment, even if the supporting process work is bad,” to as long “as you’re trying really hard, you’ll do fine – so throw out work and start over whenever it’s not strong.” While they keep guaranteeing I’m doing fine and on track and everything, I have a lot of trouble believing them, because if I follow their suggestions I won’t have time to finish the original project specs – flash site, implementation, interactions, animations… Three weeks of design work out the window in favor of “design exercises” and “playing with color and type” to start over, because my current layout is too cramped. :( My design will turn out better, I’m sure – as long as I’m not in the same place three weeks from now that I am today.

At least Jason says he’s not disappointed in me or where I am in the process… I feel rather disbelieving, even if it’s the teacher himself saying that.

In other news, I see “The Plan” is to be released Tuesday on DVD! I’m super excited to see Battlestar Galactica from the Cylons’ point of view… I have high hopes for it.

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