I recently got a freelance job from a local who wants Warhammer cards made. It’s pretty exciting because it involves my putting together a team to illustrate and design the cards. Chelsey and Christian will be working on the illustrations, and I’ll be designing the cards themselves and managing the project. We’re starting out doing individual images and then we’ll expand as interest grows – our client is hoping to sell the cards online and through local RPG shops. We’re doing it mostly for a cool portfolio piece – how often do you get to design cards for a tabletop game? But I’m also looking forward to trying my hand at leading a team.

The client is in the process of writing the content for the cards, it sounds like these will be reference cards for the various spells used in the games. The illustrators are itching to get started, and we’ve agreed on a price (I’ve got to stop being so cautious in my prices), so as soon as we get the content we can start sketching and laying things out and everything. To make up for the low price, we have a really long timeframe (at least by my standards) and the potential for further work if the client can raise interest and sell the first batch of cards.

Also good, if slow-moving news, I’ve got a rough draft of my resume auf Deutsch: Ellen Rocketts Lebenslauf. I know it’s not at in a state to send out yet, but at least it’s something, and in German, and the right information. It wasn’t my idea to put “fließend” as my skill level in German! I’m not sure if I’d agree with that yet, but it sounds good. :) One of these days maybe I’ll manage a less introverted next step – for now it’s just preparing stuff to send out and working my network.

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