Final Fall Quarter

So, uh… been a while. I’m through my last fall quarter at RIT! In the past …let’s see… three weeks… what has happened? I watched BSG’s “The Plan,” and later suffered a bad case of burnout shortly before final projects were due, which made getting my projects wrapped up exciting. Luckily things pretty much worked out and I took it a little step at a time to get all my work done for their due dates, though they could have been awesomer. I also found out how I managed to fill the 50,000 file quota on my hosting server… darn spam! Then I bought scrapbooking materials for my long-planned Germany scrapbook and packed up for Thanksgiving with the fam.

Featured here are my two final website projects. One is a half-implemented laboratory site (believe me, I had way more awesome interactions and everything in mind, but I had to cut back as it was just poor me working on the project, and no team), the other is a set of comps for a wine website which never made it to the implementation phase, as Jason wanted me to keep pushing the design to the end. It was interesting practice for having an art director.

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It was also recommended to me that I brush up my Haydn paper and submit it to the College of Liberal Arts writing competition, so obviously my music professor thought I wrote it well. ^_^

The Plan was nowhere near as awesome as I expected – I suppose it was on par with Razor, hence a direct-to-DVD movie. I expected a lot more ass-kicking special effects and crazy plot stuff, but in the end all I got out of it was that (SPOILER) every cylon except Brother Cavil learned what love was and felt some deeper understanding of the humans. Also, whaddya know, “cavil” is evidently a dictionary word… “to raise trivial and frivolous objection” according to Merriam-Webster. Seems appropriate after seeing the Plan…. But seriously, it was called “the Plan” as in “there are many copies, and they have a plan” – I would have expected something a little more earth-shattering, so to speak, from a movie drawn from such an intense opening sequence. Just goes to show you can’t judge a movie by its title.

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