Project Visuals

Here at RIT we’re closing in on the end of the quarter, and therefore projects are gradually coming together. Saturday night I spent with Diana at her friends’ Halloween party, which was interesting – more of a normal college party than I usually see, though Trivial Pursuit probably does not make a usual college party game. Sadly I failed at writing as many updates as I hoped in October. I’ll try harder this month. ^^

My resume, auf Deutsch! I think it’s basically done now. Wednesday night I spent a while in Illustrator playing with the glyph palette for Bickham Script instead of doing useful stuff. It’s pretty sweet that some of my higher-quality fonts have all these awesome swashes hiding in them.


My laboratory scene is essentially done as far as the visuals go:

Those who have played through Riven may notice that I’m using the idea of Catherine’s link stone for the frame of my scene. ^^; It seemed to fit, and would you know if you hadn’t played the game and knew I was really into the Myst series?

Since Jason felt my old design was too crowded and stuffy, I’m taking a new direction, but I have to keep developing the content now:

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