Turkey Break

Ahh… first quarter of senior year over. Break is a good feeling.

My family came up with the dog on Saturday afternoon, and we went to John’s Tex-Mex on South Ave, which was quite tasty, and then to Gilbert & Sullivan’s Trial By Jury by the Off-Monroe Players. The show was definitely… unique… all the genders were switched from their original characters, based on the TV show “Judge Judy,” and it was also 60’s/70’s psychedelic style. Then there were the “Laugh-in” references which most of the audience got but went completely over my head, since “Laugh-in” was on TV long before my time. Not a bad performance though.

Then we drove up to New Hampshire to visit briefly with my dad’s parents and then Monday on to the extended family’s farmhouse. Grandjohn and Grandoo are well, and quite perky, which was nice to see. We had lunch at this hippie food co-op in Vermont, which had tasty food, considering that I think my curry pie thing may have been completely vegan. (I could never be a vegetarian lol)

The weather for our first day at the farmhouse was pretty, if chilly, and I took some pictures of the mountains that can be seen from the house. The farm was originally bought by my great-grandparents as a sort of country retreat from the bustle of Providence where the family lived, and has been in the family ever since as a vacation spot to get fresh air and off the computer. There’s no internet, and barely any cell phone coverage! *gasp*

from the back porch with Mt. Washington in the background

After the first day however, the weather consisted mostly of “Scotch fog” as my father called it. I definitely gained an appreciation for long Jane Austen novels that can be read day after day. And I did work on my Germany scrapbook, of which I’ll take pictures later.

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