Fox’s treatment of Joss Whedon is continuing to astound their audience, I think. Or at least greatly disappoint his fans. Dollhouse has evidently been cancelled after a month off the air. Upon its return on Dec. 5, Fox is now hurrying through all their episodes, apparently showing two each Friday night until mid January. Apparently they can’t get rid of it fast enough. Hopefully Whedon can find a network that will actually respect and appreciate his writing skills next time.

The double episode this week had some pretty cool stuff, but by the end I was kind of bored of all the cross-hacking and people beating each other up (“does the rolling help?” from GalaxyQuest definitely came to mind at one particular spot) and lying to each other and being generally deceptive. But what do you expect with a bunch of people like those at the Dollhouse? I missed it, but Nate pointed out that at one point the license plate on one of the cars started with 404 and then later it started with ‘LOL,’ so I think they were throwing in subtle gags for people paying attention.

Also there was a sweet commercial from Kay between a hearing person and his deaf girlfriend spending Christmas together… It’s really nice to see advertisers acknowledging the deaf community in Rochester. :)

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