Winter Classes

Career Skills started the week off at 8am on Monday, but was tolerable as Therese was perky and encouraging as usual. She’s going to be having us work on our portfolios, resumes, and the rest of the materials we’ll need for marketing ourselves in the spring. She started off by having us write up a description of things we wanted to see in our “ideal job” that we want to get after college, and it was interesting to see the nebulous thoughts I’ve been having on that subject down on paper.

Gothic Art & Architecture was interesting, I quite like the teacher, but it kept me pretty busy writing notes! Hopefully that will slow down once she finishes covering the introductory material about the Middle Ages and we get to looking at actual images of architecture. On the plus side, more notes does tend equal more learning in my experience. well, some of the time.

I have my senior project team now and they seem decent. We’re looking at designing an installation for the Imagine RIT festival in the spring. We have a couple of weeks to figure it out though, what exactly we’re doing. This is much the same thing as Experimental New Media looks like it will be about, which frustrates me a little. I wish I’d thought about things a little more so I wouldn’t have two digital installation projects.

The Modern Germany teacher is the closest I think I’ve ever had to the kind of professor you might see represented in a movie or comic strip, and I think that’s all I’ll say about that. He seems to have the country’s history since about 1866 pretty well memorized though, so he really knows what he’s talking about. I think I’m going to come out of this class knowing a lot more about German history and politics than I did, even if we only spend two hours on each major thing in their history. Two hours for Bismarck, and then in our next class he’ll be kicked out of office or whatever happens next.

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