Yearly Archives: 2010

Gift Boxes

Quite a bit of time has been spent at work the past week or week and a half on preparing Aclewe’s Christmas gifts for the clients. Finding little gift boxes that would be the right size, mixing massive quantities of chocolates, folding the boxes, cutting orange Aclewe paper and then building the insets for the boxes, packing chocolates in paper cups (more…)


Friday was an exciting day! In the morning Svenja and Claudia and I took a trip to a print shop outside of town. That was quite interesting because I know so little about the way the print process works in reality. I saw the huge printers that they print RIT’s magazine on and of course I worked with the digital printers at the Hub to print a (more…)

It’s Wintertime

I realize that news of my life in Cologne have been a bit sparse. This is mostly because all you people who think living abroad is really glamorous, are wrong. :P I wake up and go to work every morning in a world full of people speaking another language, spend the day photoshopping images or other tasks, come home, have dinner, chat with my friends on IM, watch the Daily Show or something else, write an email or two, and go to bed. (more…)

College Questions

When I was looking at universities during high school, I was encouraged by pretty much everybody to “ask lots of questions! grab students on the campus and find out what they really think!” I always wished that I knew what kind of questions to ask (ignore the nervousness involved in harassing random college students (more…)

Navigational System

Since the landlord is evidently hoping to wrap up the navigational system project that we have going on in a hope to make sense of our poor chaotic parking lot courtyard by the end of the year, I guess we are trying to come to the end of the project. Here’s some of the work I’ve done for it. (more…)