Monthly Archives: January 2010


I went to see Much Ado About Nothing from the RIT Players last night, they did a reasonable job but got kind of silly in the middle. Don Pedro kept hamming for the photographer in the front row, and Ursula had so much baby powder in her hair to make it white, that whenever she came onstage the whole theater smelled like it, which (more…)


I just submitted my application to CDS International, the work abroad internship placement company RIT is partnered with. I’m super excited! I’ve asked them to look at new media design companies in north and central Germany, especially those similar to the following: (more…)

New WP

So, server switch is all taken care of. There may be some broken links until I remove/update them, since I’ve cleaned out a lot of the junk my old space collected in the five or six years I was hosted at Lonex. I successfully transfered wordpress and updated it, and took the starter Sandbox theme and wrote my own CSS for it. (more…)

Rolling Along

Winter quarter has been going better than Fall quarter, although it’s still stressful and I’m still having some trouble focusing. I’m trying to remember to eat enough, and I’m trying to stay more positive – some days it even works! Winter break really helped, I’m feeling a lot more rested and happy now. The freelance project from the (more…)

Scrapbook Photos

Welcome to Twenty-Ten! I have big hopes for the decade. :)

Before I went on Thanksgiving break, I went out and finally got a scrapbook so I could start putting together my physical photos from the trip to Germany. My cousin Kara got me into it with our Buffy watching (more…)