I just submitted my application to CDS International, the work abroad internship placement company RIT is partnered with. I’m super excited! I’ve asked them to look at new media design companies in north and central Germany, especially those similar to the following:

I’m not totally sure what I’m going to get, but I’m looking forward to it. A “praktikum” as the Germans call it – analogous to RIT’s co-op program. All of these companies are in Hamburg and Berlin, which seem to be the main centers (besides Munich) for such companies. I found most or all of those companies through the Favorite Website Awards, so I know they’re premier in the field. Some of them even list praktika on their websites. I really hope I can get accepted!

The way this works is I submit my resume, lebenslauf, letters of recommendation, German pretest, personal statement, etc. plus a hefty registration fee (I gather it includes the fee for my visa) to CDS, and they work with their contacts to try to find me an appropriate co-op. They take care of my visa, help me set up interviews and housing, and whatever else I need help with. I’ve requested work from July 1 2010 to April 30 2011, since the application said companies prefer 6-12 month stays, but I’m pretty flexible. I’d likely go over beforehand to visit friends and maybe do some square dancing. :P I’m a little nervous about living on my own on the other side of the ocean for most of a year… but four months in Germany worked out pretty well.

Now I just need to get a praktikum! Wish me luck! ^_^

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  1. Elaine Rockett
    | Reply

    Good Luck! I hope it all works out well. I know you’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.

  2. Ariana
    | Reply

    GLÜCK INDEED!! that sounds GREAT!! :)

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