Palin sings “Ich bin ein Pitbull”

Monday 3pm. First phone interview in the process of finding a German praktikum. *daumen drucken*

I’ve been making steady progress on redoing my Flash site and also the HTML portfolio as requested for my Career Skills class. The HTML portfolio is going to be really important, because it will be more widely accessible (mobile and SEO especially) and makes it extremely hard to be un-user-friendly. Since it has no Flash, it obviously opens up all the people without the plugin, and has no animations or buttons taking attention.

For those of you who have been watching my facebook posts, you may have seen this already, but evidently there really is a musical in Frankfurt about Obama. Yesterday one of my classmates sent me a link to Der Spiegel’s news video about it.

I find this ridiculously awesome. Capitol Steps was onto something with their own musical, “Obama Mia!” And then there’s Tom Lehrer’s song about the performer-turned-politician George Murphy, which threatens “imagine, Broadway melody of 1984!” I know the Germans are in love with our glorious leader, but I never would have expected a musical about it.

And as long as we’re talking about internet things, I like this Apple rumor.

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