I went to see Much Ado About Nothing from the RIT Players last night, they did a reasonable job but got kind of silly in the middle. Don Pedro kept hamming for the photographer in the front row, and Ursula had so much baby powder in her hair to make it white, that whenever she came onstage the whole theater smelled like it, which was distracting. After the German hobo version of Dogberry I saw over the summer, I expected to be very disappointed in the Players’ interpretation of the character. But impressively he was one of the best characters in the show! The guy doing him did a pretty good French accent, and paraded around like Napoleon – a completely different interpretation than I’ve seen before.

My interview on Monday seemed successful. Tomorrow I’m turning in my cover letter and corrections to some of my documentation, and hopefully we’ll start making progress soon! I know Mike has already done some interviewing. Soon I’ll be sending the German “Bewerbung” to Micha to pass on to his contact in Leipzig, since I got some help with translating.

Speaking of Micha, I had a nice chance to skype with him and Janine on Friday. Janine is taking the international English test soon, so she has to study! I’m not sure why all Germans apologize for their bad English when they can speak/write it better than many of the Americans on the internet. You can speak perfectly fine! Stop embarrassing us with your apologies! It makes us feel bad that we can’t speak your language that well. :P

I have one month left in the quarter. One month before spring break! I can do this… I’m already looking forward to break a lot.

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