Rolling Along

Winter quarter has been going better than Fall quarter, although it’s still stressful and I’m still having some trouble focusing. I’m trying to remember to eat enough, and I’m trying to stay more positive – some days it even works! Winter break really helped, I’m feeling a lot more rested and happy now. The freelance project from the fall is wrapping up. I put together a creative brief for the development of my Career Skills personal marketing materials. See the PDF for some companies I like and other neat info.

My CDS application to go back to Germany is slowly wrapping up… one of these days I’ll actually have it ready. Got recommendation letters lined up or received, German resume written, the German language pretest, etc. ready to go. Now I just need to submit them and get a job! ^_^ I’m so excited.

New Media Senior Team Project has a blog now! Please subscribe to it and read along as we progress towards the finish line! My seven-member team of designers and programmers will present our project at Imagine RIT, May 1, 2010. For those of you familiar with the University of Illinois, it’s RIT’s school-wide version of the UIUC Engineering Open House.

Speaking of blogs, my mom (Appalachian Trail hiker “Second Stage” as of the end of January) and my friend Abe (tea and history fanatic extraordinaire) both have blogs of various sorts now.

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