Work in Progress

Micha, one of my flatmates from Dessau, has a contact at the Leipzig firm Pluspol Interactive. They look like they do decent work, and I like what I’ve seen of Leipzig. The landscape reminds me of home, and of the choices, the area would be the one most familiar to me. Needing something to do, I counted it up if I’m lucky enough to go back in mid-June, and it’s about five months. I’m halfway through! o.o when did that happen?

With the spell cards client wrapping up, I’m picking up a new client thanks to Ariana. Her mom runs SewBaby, which needs a bit of a makeover to its website and logo. I’m looking forward to putting a new skin on the site without having to do coding, since usually I’m designing and implementing the work.

I’m also starting work on a simple HTML portfolio page for Career Skills. This will be a great match for my current flash site, as it will increase access (and search engine optimization) for my site and will work for people who are on old computers/dialup or paranoid people who don’t want to turn flash on. ;) And then there’s my Experimental NM project, which won’t really get underway until the spring, but the idea is to make one of those old typography art pieces, except in motion with a bit of music and stuff. I haven’t decided what text I’ll use, so if you have input I’ll listen to it!

For those of you who aren’t following my team’s blog, we’ve got the first draft of our project plan laid out, and Tuesday we’re presenting it to the class. I did the page design and compiled the writeup from everyone’s research, but I admit the blue swooshes are from an ornamental typeface. I’m getting into using Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop in coordination, to make pretty stuff that’s also formatted with the optimal software. Even though it slows things down to switch between software, it feels worth it. We were in a bit of a lull for the past few weeks, but I think now that we have a concept everybody is agreed on, enthusiasm is coming back!

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