Deaf Academic Research

For the past half year I’ve been working with Ron Kelly at RIT/NTID on a research project about deaf/hard-of-hearing students’ low academics. It takes something like five years (on average) for one of our deaf students to graduate from the NTID two-year associate degree programs, and we lose about half our students by the time four years have gone by.

This research project is examining the phenomenon through personal factors on academics – grades, early alerts, attrition rates, and we also did a bunch of testing on incoming students to look at their analytical abilities/intelligence, motivation, reading level, etc. Over the years this study has been going on, the factors involved have been refined – not everything that you might think is actually important to whether the deaf succeed or not. Ron is presenting the ongoing research at a conference, and since I gave his presentation a makeover he is allowing me to post some pages from the 28-pg presentation.

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Click to view PDF sample of the presentation

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