Dreaming Miles Away

I’m in my final three months at RIT. I’m prepping for German Theater and Advanced German III next quarter in addition to the second halves of Experimental New Media and Senior Team Project. In a week I will be trying to test out of Writing Seminar – I would hope I can pass the test, since my music teacher says he is nominating my research essay about Haydn’s Sturm und Drang period for the RIT Liberal Arts writing contest. We’ll see though. A couple of days after that, I’ll be turning 21! It’s taken long enough – I’m by far the youngest in the whole new media graduating class.

Adam, my senior project advisor, is very enthusiastic about our project. We all signed our document in pink sharpie… hopefully we can produce something to fulfill that promise. We’re all looking forward to seeing it completed, too, although enthusiasm waxes and wanes from week to week. At least another group has replaced us as “the problem group” :P The rest of finals week is proving just as stressful as usual, more because I’m constantly waking up during the night to worry if things will work out once the net has been removed at graduation, than because I have projects to finish up at the last minute.

Despite the discouraging form email response from Pluspol (turns out they mostly just do programming and don’t have a budget for design interns), I’ve decided that I should throw cautious pessimism to the winds and start thinking about a packing list for Germany. If I can’t get a job when I’m paying to find one, I figure I’m unlikely to do any better with my own job-hunting skills and am bound to be disappointed anyway. I took a look at plane tickets – they’re expensive already, and I still have to wait something like two months before I’ll know if I should be booking anything. I’ll be going right as tourist season starts up…

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