End-of-the-Quarter Design

Here’s my quarter projects in summary:

Art History final project: Produce a fake Gothic artifact and write a paper explaining what you have produced. I used RIT’s extensive Cary Collection to photograph real Gothic manuscripts and then photoshop them together. I consider it to be using the medieval philosophy of copying the masters.

Vellum Folio
Photoshopped 13th Century English Bible

During my presentation, one of the guys in class asked, “did you stretch the vellum yourself?” when I explained how the hole was made from a little nick that expanded during the stretching. I told him I did indeed stretch it myself, and his response was “are you serious?!” I guess it’s convincing. :P

Career Skills: new design for the blog, as you can see. I’ll be finishing up the CSS in the next week or so. Lots of bubbly stuff, and looks like an actual custom template now. Also a functional HTML portfolio (and just in time, now that all the German praktikum stuff is out!).

Experimental New Media: Although my timeline doesn’t have me starting actual design work on my type-motion piece until next quarter, my teacher requested some initial comps. This is a looping animation to display some of my poetry in a dynamic style that attempts to bring out some of the emotions they contain. And my teacher likes trippy projects.
Inkstains Comp 1Inkstains Comp 2


Team Project: Comp for the design of our game. All four designers produced their own, and we’re combining the most successful elements from each into the final version.

Map Comp Design
Individual design for senior project game

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    You are so talented. I’m a fan!

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