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My new client SewBaby is reviewing the logos I designed for them over on Ann Brodsky’s blog! Ms. Brodsky asked me to reskin her website and develop a new logo for her company, with the goal of opening up a new sector of younger women while keeping her current 45+ customer base happy. The logo requirements were to work with the heart and name to keep brand recognition, while also bringing it up to date.

Although I sketched up a number of other ideas, these are the ones that made it as far as being sent to SewBaby for review:

Pink Stitched Heart Logo
Design incorporating the sewing aspect, and their friendly home-oriented business style.
Blue Heart Logo
Design focuses on professionalism and trustworthiness. Blue also plays down the "girlyness" of sewing.
Pink Painted Heart Logo
Bolder palette and modern type for a simply updated look to the old logo.

Once we get a logo settled on (and when I have time, since the quarter is wrapping up and I’m swamped with homework I really ought to be doing) then I’ll be working on a makeover for her main site. At the moment I’ve gotten as far as contacting her programmer and doing some style and color palette research. I’ve got a palette I’m pretty satisfied with (thanks to my new tool Color Scheme Designer), but it may get tweaked when I start working on the site design. Ms. Brodsky has been great about sending me links to sewing sites she likes the look of, which has made my job a lot easier!

In the meantime, I’m working on a design (if you want to see the sketches and give feedback please let me know!) for this blog so hopefully (I’ve been saying this for a year now…) it will look like a designer’s blog for real.

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  1. Trillium
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    Hi Ellen, I was looking over your blog site and noticed the Sew Baby logos. I really like the first one with the heart looking like it was stitched and the needle. I am in the 45+ group. Also, wanted to say Happy Birthday. I see your birthday was 3/4. My daughter’s is 3/5 and she is in her final 3 months of grad school at School at the Art Institute of Chicago. Probably by my e-mail address, you can guess that I found your site through your Mom’s Trail Journal. I hope you enjoyed your birthday and am having a great weekend.

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