Experimental New Media

Here are style frames for my ENM project.

The idea behind this project is to produce a visual/motion presentation of the following poems – a looping typographic and abstract animation where each poem will be presented slightly differently. This is a purely art piece I’ve been wanting to do for several years now, so I’m excited about getting to finally implement it.

A Chilled Heart

A black darkness and a cold flame fill my heart.
The blackness of how he wronged me;
The fires of Hell, hungry for his sin.
I grow in his darkness
And warm myself from his flames.
Eating his heart out from fear and distrust
Gives me my daily bread—
It is enough for me
To return day after day
Not to die, but not to live.
For all my alchemy, I cannot from my heart
The Elixir of Life make.
I awake in the night to find
A cold body and a cold bed—
Only myself and my soul
To blame.
-in the voice of Roger Chillingsworth of The Scarlet Letter

I am a Vampire
I am a vampire,
Shade of the dark.
I will devour the spark in your eyes,
Consume the color in your cheek.
I long for your expressions
Your passions, your spirit
I eat of your heart.
I watch you and track
Your movements,
Gaining strength from your grace.
Will you not look back upon me?
I will give you
Looks and hints enough
Until you follow me…
Then I will follow the curve of your neck
To where it meets your blood
There I will have you.

The ink on my hands feels like blood
A purplish red stain leaking across—
my fingertips
Marking my difference
A stigma against—
everything I touch.

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