Final Quarter Update

We’re now into week 3 of 11 here at RIT, with less than 60 days to go. All my classes are surprisingly good (I’m not really a theater person, and well, writing seminar? I think I got that info my first year of high school). Mostly they’re good because of teachers. I get a daily dose of German language/culture, between Adv. German III and German Theater alternating days, and then I have Team Project and Experimental covering my design bases. 19 credit hours + 3 freelance jobs + theoretical day job has been keeping me running here and there constantly the past couple of weeks.

I also heard back from CDS – two months after I sent them my info, they finally have a list of the companies that they’ve contacted for me. They were serious about things taking a long time! Jeeze. At least all the places on the list match my style and wishes pretty well, judging from their websites. Now that I know who they’re talking to, I think I may contact some more places on my own, although I like all six of the choices that are still considering me (there was a seventh who turned me down right away). They’re spread out around Germany in more cities than I expected, since from my research, new media companies seemed concentrated in about four places.

I finally signed up for Etsy, which I have a feeling is a very bad idea – they have sooo much pretty stuff, and my purchases would be supporting artists! I ordered a microwave hot pack in blue and green (like my bedding!) in hopes that it will help with my frequent migraines and stress headaches. Over the past year, I’ve heard “you stress too much!” and “you overthink everything!” so often, it’s no wonder I get headaches on a weekly basis.

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