Road Trip

Over the weekend I visited my grandparents for about two and a half hours. My mom swooped in Friday afternoon, and we drove off to visit them and pick up our dog who they were taking care of. Unfortunately my grandparents are getting fragile and with the icy winter and Kai’s un-dog-like eating habits causing them worry, they decided we’d better take Kai back. My mom and I drove for six hours to get to New Hampshire, visit briefly, have tasty lox-and-cream-cheese bagels, and then turned around and drove six hours back to Rochester. Although it was a lot of driving I think we were both glad of the chance to visit with each other and with the grandparents.

Walk time!HoverdogFamily photo

My grandfather is finally giving up downhill skiing at 80-something years old. I’m really proud of him for doing it this long… and I feel honored that he’s giving me his skis now that he’s done with them. Unfortunately because of this decision, he probably won’t be coming to my graduation or anything either, so I was really glad to get to spend a few hours with both my grandparents.

Oh and happy pi day!

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