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I wish I was at home in my nice hobbit-hole by the fire, with the kettle just beginning to sing! –The Hobbit, J.R.R.Tolkien

With the end of winter here (it’s springtime in Rochester!), and the season of cuddling warm mugs under blankets at a close, I wanted to pay a tribute to what I drink the most: tea. Purported by some to be healthier than straight water, infinite variety of flavor without the 20+ grams of sugar from most drinks, cheap, and convenient, it’s hard to think of a better option.

In my exploration of the internet, I’ve found a number of creative links relating to the wonderful steeped beverage.

First off, a designer from the UK’s creation, where they really know about tea. My white tea mug has acquired numerous scratches from spoons over the years I’ve been using it, which my tea makes speedy use of to turn the whole surface brown. So when I saw this creative idea using the problem to make art, I had to applaud it.
Stain Teacup 1Stain Teacup 2


Industrial design is always cool to look at, because everyday items are instantly transformed into something clever or beautiful. For my Beatles fan friends, a wire ball to hold tea leaves is transformed into a super-cute tea infusers to match their passion.

Tea Sub
Yellow Submarine tea infuser – isn't it so happy?
I'm not sure I've ever seen such a disgusting idea as sticking cigarettes in your drink to give it flavor. Props for creativity though.

Although I have never bought tea online before, I find this an attractive interface for ordering your picks. The glossy cup icons are a nice visual navigation system and give it a modern, friendly look. They also have an assortment of interesting blends, such as Dr. Horrible’s Tea of Evil.

My parents, knowing that I go through a lot of tea, decided to forego the usual chocolate at Christmas and gave me tea in my stocking this year. I’ve gone through all of it now except the “Boston Harbour Tea,” which I’m kind of saving just because it’s so cool. The tea from Harney & Sons was amazing – I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted a tea better than their Paris blend. Of course, they’re gourmet tea blenders so it should be no surprise. You can often tell quality tea by its packaging, I’m finding. The more beautiful the packaging and design, the more thought they’ve put into the tea itself.

Maybe next time I’ll write about the pretty packaging and good design qualities I find in my teabags. Lipton is not one of them.

Lipton comic strip

And, not exactly tea, but super cute, and very tasty-looking.

Kitty coffee foam

I guess from here on out, I’ll be resorting to my favorite bottled tea, Green Dragon Honest Tea (“just a tad sweet”). I like the taste and the way it has about half the sugar of most sweetened teas… and better for the coming warm weather.

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