Spring Break Week

By the end of the week, my blog will have been up for a year! And just like last year at this time, I’m looking at returning to Germany.

While I wait to hear back from CDS and try to stay patient, I’ve started doing research. Looking at prices for plane tickets, apartment furnishings, mobile contracts, rooms in shared apartments (WGs). Adding up the costs and figuring out how much I need to earn each month so I don’t lose money in my first job. And so far it’s not looking good for a German internship – CDS offers to find one paying 400-800€ per month, which according to my calculations means significantly less than the US federal minimum wage. I’ve been pretty passionate about this for a while now, and I want to see how things turn out – it would be a really great experience. But… I guess realism is setting in now that I’m actually looking at the logistics.

Helping this week has been the much-needed extra encouragement I’ve been getting from family and friends (and also all these hiker people from my mom’s blog!) as Winter Quarter at RIT finally ends. Also this great tongue-in-cheek blog I found about the differences between the US and Germany has been helping with much-needed laughs. RIT loses a huge number of freshman during Winter Quarter because of the winter snows and clouds – Rochester gets something like 60 sunny days all year – and seven weeks of rigorous academics after winter break. We need all the laughs we can get by the time spring break rolls around!

Tomorrow afternoon my cousin Kara is coming out to visit for a few days. We have some plans to go see a movie and out to dinner on my birthday Thursday, and then Friday I have a party with friends to watch silly science fiction shows. The rest of the weekend will be scrapbooking with Kara, relaxing and getting some final rest for the sprint to the end.

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  1. kit
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday! Wow — I love your blog. Just dropping a line and a wish (reading your mom’s journal).

  2. Robin Hering
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Ellen
    I have your mother here in Hiawassee Ga. and am holding her hostage.
    She did say it was your 21st birthday so I wanted to send greetings.
    Robin and Dave Hering aka
    Goldberry and Sherpa Dave

  3. Cindy
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Ellen. It’s been a joy and a pleasure watching you grow into the lovely young lady that you are. Bon Courage for your adventures in Germany, I hope you’ll be giving us an excuse to travel there soon!

  4. sheri
    | Reply

    Hey — so this is your “home stretch” — you can do this!! I know Rochester is dreary in the winter months — my son calls it “bleak.” (sp?) Soon it will be “Springtime in Germany!” and graduation in Rochester!! Sprint it out to the finish. So many people must be sopoo proud of you! Happy trais — I mean, happy travels!! ( love you blog and will be back to read a little here and there until I am all caught up to date!)

  5. sheri
    | Reply

    OK — so you know I meant to type, “happy trails”

  6. Angus
    | Reply

    Hi Ellen

    Happy Birthday (virtually)! Hope you are having fun on your last night of 20 years old!


  7. Squish
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Ellen! I’m another hiker (GA->ME ’04) vicariously following your Mom and enjoyed checking out your portfolio. Looks like you’ve got a good eye and some good skills – I’m sure you’ll find a job you love!

  8. Elaine Rockett
    | Reply


    Have a wonderful birthday. Thinking of you from here in Hiawassee, GA.


  9. Renee Cogil
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Ellen. I hope your special day is really wonderful.
    Best wishes,

  10. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday from Ledbetter, KY! Hope you have a wonderful day!


  11. Ma Fahmah
    | Reply

    Hi Ellen, Hope you had a wonderful 21st birthday. I know your mom would have loved to share it with you. My husband, Fahmah, will turn 70 in April while also hiking the AT…but I am going down to visit him for his! Wish you the best on your trip to Germany! Happy Birthday and keep your dreams alive!! Ma Fahmah

  12. Marilyn
    | Reply

    Hope you enjoy the “X-Files” episodes Nate and I picked out for you!

  13. ursula
    | Reply

    Hi Ellen
    21! I bet you couldn’t wait. Hope you had a fun day today.
    I cross my fingers that your adventure to Germany works out. Isn’t it a wonderful experience to get totally submerged into a new culture.
    Happy Birthday and good luck with your final stretch at School.
    Take care,

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