Vancouver Closing Ceremony

Sunday night was the closing ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics, which, with some persuasion, Nate, Ruth and I gathered to watch. By the end, it was EPIC, and totally worth watching.

Evidently, there had been trouble lighting the torch at the opening ceremonies, so they made fun of themselves by having a mime with a giant tool belt come out and fix the broken arm of the display, miming pulling it up out of the floor.

But really, it started out with typically Canadian knitted sweaters depicting reindeer heads on the Canadian olympic team. When combined with the American team’s Ralph Lauren cardigans, it definitely looked like there was an ugly sweater contest happening.

Canadian reindeer sweater

Ralph Lauren sweaters

And I still don’t understand why the German uniforms were yellow and blue – they just looked like another variation of Sweden’s gear.

German Olympic uniform

Anyway, after all the teams came out and whatnot, WILLIAM SHATNER spoke. I guess he is Canadian after all. His description of Canada reminded me strongly of his reading of Sarah Palin’s poetry/resignation speech. And he couldn’t resist dropping the Canada is the “final frontier” line, could he?

Then… then there was the actual dancing and music part at the end. Some guy dressed as one of Canada’s mounted policemen came out and started singing, and then a bunch of women dressed as “sexy mounties” with short skirts came out and ripped off his uniform to reveal a white tuxedo. Sexy mounties: wtf? Giant maple leaf-wrapped women and pairs of people dancing while carrying birch canoes around. Huge inflatable mounties. Every minute, the routine got weirder and weirder. Nate pointed out that Canadians can’t pass up a chance to make fun of themselves. I see what he means… Huge cardboard cutouts of hockey players and a little boy in a hockey puck costume came out and wheeled around. And then… and then the “always enjoyable giant inflatable beavers” came out, as the commentator described them, followed by giant inflatable moose. I was disappointed when NBC cut to some stupid tv show at the height of the epicness.

By the end, my head was about to explode. Sexy mounties dancing and singing on a giant stetson hat, while surrounded by huge inflatable beavers, enormous hockey players, flying maple leaves, all to honor (among others) a team dressed in what were apparently the kind of home-made reindeer sweaters that you are only allowed to wear to Christmas family parties because all your aunts are wearing them too.


2010 Closing Ceremonies Final Outcome
The final result.

Oh and I forgot to mention: Uni High School now has a silver medalist to add to its list of three Nobel Prize winners and Pulitzer Prize winner!

14 Responses to “Vancouver Closing Ceremony”

  1. Nate
    | Reply

    The festivities there certainly were… special. Hockey /and/ table hockey? Three varieties of mounties? Certainly not forgetting the inflatable beavers and meese, it certainly was Canadian.

  2. Nancy
    | Reply

    This has nothing to do with the Olympics, but I am reading your mothers AT journal and rumor has it you are having a birthday. Hope it is a wonderful!!!!

  3. sheri
    | Reply

    Hi Ellen — First and foremost: a very special “Happy Birthday” to you from sheri in Connecticut!!! I’ve been following your Mom on Trail Journals and she really wished she could be with you for your birthday. Unfortuntalely she is somewhere on the Appalachian Trail about to enter the Great Smokys!! Your Mom really rocks — so I’m sure you do too! I will be back to your blog at a later time to read more. Do you go to RIT? My son is at the Univ. of Rochester now in their PH.D program — for Physics and Astronomy. He rocks too!! Anyway, Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Kathy
    | Reply

    I have been vicariously following your mother’s AT journal and want to wish you a Happy Birthday.

  5. Longhaul
    | Reply

    Yo, Ellen:

    I have it from a reasonably reliable source (one smart enough not to head for Florida rather than try to hike through the Smokeys) that today is your Birtday, so I wanted to wish you an awesome day!

    President, Second Stage Fan Club

  6. Longhaul
    | Reply

    Sorry, I messed up that last message. It should read: “…(one smart enough TO head to Florida rather than hike through the Smokeys).

    • ellen
      | Reply

      Hi Longhaul! I feel honored to have you comment on here, my mom mentions your name often along with several other of her TJ favorites. :) And sheri, thank you for your promise to stop by again later. I know a couple of people at U of R so it’s great to hear your son is here in Rochester too.

      Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes! I hope Second Stage is staying warm until she gets her resolve back up… she sounds pretty beat at the moment.

  7. gawhiteh2o
    | Reply

    Like Nancy, this has nothing to do with the Olympics, but everything to do with your upcoming birthday. May your birthday be full of love and blessings, and may you be aware of all of them.

    I have been following your Mom’s AT journal and awaiting my 2011 thru hike.

  8. Sarah
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. I too am following your mother’s AT journal. I know her heart will be with you on your B-day.

  9. Gayle Rusk "AlansGal"
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday! Just had one myself. I envy your mom. She is living my dream. Maybe one day…

  10. Tee
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Ellen!

    I hope you’re having a wonderful birthday and certainly an unique one. How many people have absolute strangers dropping by with greetings? Hikers are plenty strange, it’s true.


  11. Trailrunner '02
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Ellen!!!

    I, too, have been following your mom’s progress on the A.T. I think she is a hoot; I’m really enjoying her posts along the trail! I’ll bet you had an interesting childhood. : )

    trailrunner ’02

    P.S. It’s true what Tee said above, we backpackers are a little strange… but a wonderfully friendly bunch of people!!!

  12. ellen
    | Reply

    I think the AT hikers are incredibly supportive – I know one of the most frequent questions my mom is asked is, isn’t she scared of traveling alone like that, but with a community as strong as you all, she’s not alone.

    Trailrunner, I sure did have an interesting childhood. Just ask my mom about our reenactment of the Trojan War or how we learned about the Middle Ages…

    And Gayle: my mom has been dreaming of this trip since well before I left for college, and I’m almost done now – it’s taken her a long time but she’s never lost sight of her goal at the top of Katahdin! I’m sure you can do it if you set your mind to it.

  13. Marilyn
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Ellen!!!

    I, also, thought the closing ceremonies were epic. I loved William Shatner’s part. And Bob Costas’ remark about the giant inflatable beavers was priceless.

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