Brand Consistency

In preparation for the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences’ “Industry Day,” which is nearly here, I’ve gotten new designs for my portfolio page and blog ready over the past months, as you may have noticed. A lot of my classmates (and some of the professionals I’ve talked to) have mentioned how much consistency I have in my “brand.” To answer the question of “how did you do that?” here is my process, because the consistency took a lot more time to develop than simply coming up with a design.

  1. First, “Rockettium” is something like 6 years old now, so I’ve had lots of time to think about it.
  2. I came up with the name while sitting in my high school chem class, which kind of gave the impetus for the whole concept – it’s gotta be sciencey.
  3. I love science, and chemistry glassware has always held a fascination for me. I used to sit on the floor of my dad’s office and play with his box of glassware, pretending I was a master scientist – like some other people I know, I’m in a creative field because there isn’t enough science fiction in real science.
  4. A couple of years after I started the website, I came up with Frogtopus, which my friends took to with enthusiasm. The cute-but-dangerous critter seemed somewhat appropriate, and you might say the bright green color became my trademark color.
  5. The website continued in its green-and-white HTML stage for a very long time, which allowed me plenty of time to figure out what I liked and what I didn’t. The color scheme was very successful, as was the clear interface and easy-to-update back end. However, it needed an update – one that I’d be as happy with and that would better demonstrate my skills of an artist.
  6. Lots of time for extra-curricular design in Germany + stumbling on an inspirational design that really clicked. I also did an illustration I was sufficiently satisfied with to center the design around, which is the erlenmeyer flask-and-Frogtopus logo.
  7. Now I have a flexible and unique identity that expresses me while also being consistent. Everything is “frogtopus green” + grayscale with a minimum of hard blacks, and all the text is in Myriad. I know it’s not the most original font choice, but I have a ton of different weights of it on my computer. When I can, I suspend elements from the top of the page with the little hangers, and boxes have the warning stripes along one edge. And of course, Frogtopus and glassware make a prominent appearance in the graphics.

It feels really good to have developed a brand identity for myself. I can extend it to the colors I wear and business cards, and I’ve even come up with the title “design scientist” to describe myself – it encompasses my attitude about design as well as my personal interests.
Front of business cardBack of business card


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