Designs for Senior Projects

My two two-quarter-long projects are progressing slower than I’d like, but I think the quality isn’t bad. First up, the senior project comp is slowly narrowing in on something like the quality we’re supposed to have:

Photoshop mockup of Hydropic game

Second, my Experimental project now has a set of posters to accompany the as-yet-nonexistent animations. The five posters show the text in a static form so impatient readers can see the whole thing instead of waiting through an entire abstract typographic animation of poetry. As you can see they are still only four posters, since I haven’t gotten around to breaking the last one into two pages. Eventually they’ll be printed at about 9×14″. They’ll also be refined as the quarter progresses, since I’m not satisfied yet.

"A Chilled Heart" Poster 1"A Chilled Heart" Poster 2"Inkstains" Poster"I am a Vampire" Poster

The Warhammer reference card project is also coming along, I now have photos of the first batch of cards, and next week we’ll be getting a new batch. It’s incredibly exciting to be working with Chelsey Tyler and Christian Yaerger on this project since they’re very talented illustrators. I believe that if you would like a copy of these, you can email our client to order a set.

Warhammer Shadow Lore Reference Cards
Shadow Lore
Warhammer Metal Lore Reference Cards
Metal Lore

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