Google Analytics

In my latest attempt to be an internet creeper, I installed Google Analytics on the blog about a month ago. It’s fascinating to see where my readers are coming from. Have I mentioned that this tool totally makes me feel like a government all by myself?

  • Visits from Mac and Windows, and from New York and Illinois states are running neck-and-neck.
  • Almost an exactly equal fraction of visits come from Windows Firefox users as Mac Safari users. Same for Internet Explorer vs. Chrome. The connection speed is surprisingly well distributed, with DSL in the lead at about 30%. Dialup is the smallest portion at about 10%.
  • About 40% of visits are returning visitors, and new visitors come from places as unexpected as Russia (not just spammers), Texas, and Greece. Some German hits from places outside the Dessau area, too.
  • I get a surprising number of hits from Canada looking for posts related to mini-skirted mounties. Evidently my closing ceremonies post got picked up by the search engines. A few searches are actually relevant, like “rockett,” and “cthulhu animation,” but most kind of boggle my mind when I read the list of keywords google has given me. See Mac Hall’s predicament with search engine hits for digimon…
  • Overall, a lot more people read/find this than I expected.

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