RIT is doing something right:

Odopod (one of the “cool companies” featured at the RIT Industry day) posted this article singing praises for the New Media program. Yay for Adam kicking our butts until we can do proper design! I do find it interesting however, that none of the other programs (seeing as it was open to the whole school of design this year) get mentioned. I know that there would have been plenty of Graphic Design people waiting in line to talk to Odopod in addition to the New Media ones… no mention of them though. Hence I think we should say, “the NM program is doing something right.”

Speaking of which, I think my Industry Day experience went fairly well. I was evidently one of a small number of people who put senior project work in my portfolio, which was a great conversation starter and I’m pretty sure generated about 75% of their interest. One place called me back for a second chat on Friday, which was really exciting since I figured I wasn’t the caliber they were looking for. Several other places seemed excited too. Still no word from Germany though. :(

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