Monthly Archives: May 2010

End of Classes

I finished all my classes!
Yesterday I had my German final exam and then my senior project presentation. There’s still some final wrap-ups to projects for tonight and next week, but I am so done with college! yeah! I’m also finally not feeling sick (more…)

Dove Commercial

I have been watching the Daily Show (because I’m more interested in spending my news-reading time on German news than American news, and it is a good reminder that I need to not take things so seriously) and¬†variations of the Dove “Manthem” commercial have been shown frequently. (more…)


Now that ImagineRIT is over, I have time again to update my blog about these sorts of things. I spent most of Friday rendering nice designs for the kiosk (we had to cut down the graphics for the live version, and the projectors mutilated the video quality) and working on info posters for the room. We pulled an all-nighter Friday (more…)