Graduation poster

Me at the ENM gallery showing

I graduated over the weekend! It seemed to take forever to get here. My parents came up Thursday night to see my Experimental New Media project – I’ll upload it as soon as I figure out how to compress it small enough – and then the whole class + parents went out for Thai food afterwards. Dinner at the King and I was delicious.

Friday my mom and I did laundry, got coffee, and passed time until we had to get ready for the ceremony. Lining up was pretty boring, since we spent most of the hour waiting for everyone to show up. The ceremony was alright, with the high point for the undergrads being Matt Danna’s speech with slideshow about all the awesome RIT culture that the administration seems to think isn’t cool enough to pay attention to. Bob Schieffer had a good speech, but Chelsey, Ruth, Valerie and I had kind of lost interest in the ceremony by that point.

Hugging after Convocation
After Convocation
After Convocation
Officially graduated!

We were glad to finally finish and get outside. After congratulations were exchanged for a while, my parents and I went to dinner at this great restaurant, the Crystal Barn, which was really gourmet and nicely quiet. We had planned on going to a Gilbert & Sullivan show by a community theater afterwards, but we were too tired out from the busy day, and all three of us went back to the hotel for an early bedtime.

Saturday morning we all got up early for my 7:30am lineup time. An hour later we marched out to get our diplomas from the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences. That ceremony went faster since it was mostly classmates getting called up. My diploma won’t come in for another 10 weeks…

My diploma!
My diploma!
Ruth and me
Fellow New Media student Ruth and me

Okay, it was pretty exciting once we all came out of the ceremony and got to congratulate each other. It’s kind of hard to believe we’re all Bachelors of Fine Arts now.

The rest of the day was spent packing up the apartment until dinnertime, when we went to the Wegmans “mothership” as my mom calls it, and the accompanying restaurant in Pittsford. Our waiter was great, evidently he works as a deaf theater teacher at RIT, and he was definitely theatrical. All the food over the weekend was tasty! ^_^

Me and my parents

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