Now that ImagineRIT is over, I have time again to update my blog about these sorts of things. I spent most of Friday rendering nice designs for the kiosk (we had to cut down the graphics for the live version, and the projectors mutilated the video quality) and working on info posters for the room. We pulled an all-nighter Friday night and were ready to go at 8:30 when our kiosk computers showed up at the classroom. We went live about 10 after, but since the program ran smoothly it wasn’t a big deal – other teams had major technical problems throughout the day.

Here’s a bunch of photos to encapsulate our Saturday. When we get our video edited together for the final presentation I’ll add a Vimeo to this post.

Ben McChesney and Ben Mosher at the control station

Matt Gordon and Nycole Moore setting up the room
Long exposure photo of the game
Our kiosk and website
WiiMotes and the project on a 24-ft screen

Ben tested out our game.

Ben Mosher testing out the game

There were memory leaks and bugs that kept the programmers coding furiously all day and meant the game had to be restarted frequently, but the front half of the room didn’t notice much.


The game was pretty popular in general, as you can see from all the feet in the doorway.

Nycole cut herself and had to leave early to get it cleaned up, so she wasn’t in the team photo at the end of the day. :( Yay, we’re done!! Mosher, Steph, McChesney, me, Matt, and Rachel:

I didn’t get out to see many projects besides the New Media ones near our classroom. Since I was basically falling asleep on my feet as it was, I didn’t really feel like being overwhelmed by the masses of people outside our classroom. I did go have lunch and watch the German presentation (“Spiderman goes to Berlin”), which was hilariously bad. Mary Jane commanding “Peter, hilf mir!” for five minutes while he got his spiderman costume on behind the curtain was amusing enough, but then she couldn’t get herself untangled from the ropes and ended up having to tow it around behind her for the rest of the performance. The beginning German students seemed to take the audience’s laughter with good grace though, which made it enjoyable. I also bought some cotton candy and watched some local Native Americans do some dances in the quad, which made me miss the Dessau Sunheads… :/

All in all the day was way more successful than I expected and turned out to be pretty fun. I fell asleep around 8:30!

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