Nodes and Tubes

Now that the design process for my thesis project is finally over (basically only because we ran out of time before the exhibition at Imagine RIT and had to finish it before then), I wanted to show the process of development for the nodes of the game, since that was where a lot of my work went. I’m way too excited about team project being finished!

I should really get better about not just jumping into my 3D work, and do sketches beforehand that are actually intelligible.

Nodes, version 1

I just like getting my hands on the software, and my perspective drawing isn’t good enough to come easily, I guess. These images show both active and inactive nodes, which are retracted. At this point we decided the scifi look of Rachel’s abstracted fish was the best direction, so I adjusted their look to match:

Nodes, version 2

Still not matching, and trying to pull the disparate design elements together more.

Nodes, version 3

A more organic version, after we switched to a top-down view:

Node, version 4

These look cooler in the final artsy renders I made for desktop wallpapers.

Since the animator wanted something easy to animate, and that looked more like a powerup rather than a node, we switched design direction right at the end.

Node, version 5

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