Fall into the Stars

Lately I’ve been looking at a lot of retro work for one of my freelance projects, and I’ve been admiring Simon Page’s work. I would love to develop such a simple, “scientific” looking approach to design, and the dynamic simplicity of his pieces take away some of the aspects I like best about styles like Swiss Design and Constructivism.

This pair of desktops are inspired by his work and the song “The Play” written by Peter Mayer and sung by Priscilla Herdman (Priscilla is one of my favorite singers ♥). I like the line “Sometimes I lay on the ground and imagine that the sky is down / And if the earth should then let go, I’d fall into the stars below” in particular, as it always reminds me of the Star Fissure in Myst. Even if the line isn’t grammatically correct.

Shooting Stars

I just made them in 1280×800, but if you’d like a different size let me know.

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