On The Trail Again

My mom and dad head off this weekend to return to hiking, and to go bicycling, respectively. They’re happy to be outdoors again now that my mom is done with her lyme disease (aka vampire) meds. Evidently taking them makes you very sensitive to sunlight. This means my brother and I have the house to ourselves! muahaha!

Hopefully they’ll have good weather – my mom has remarked multiple times that if she does this again, she’ll pick a non-El-Niño year. I hear that people in New York would agree with that concept. Here in Illinois we’ve been having sticky weather that often feels like more than 100ºF. yuck!

We celebrated the 4th of July at the house of our friends, playing cards, eating ice cream and BBQ, drinking loads of iced tea, and watching the fireworks. Luckily I got the flash unit for my camera just in time, so I took my new toy along to get photos of the evening.

Dad, Mom, and Kitty toasting Independence Day
Russell and Ethan facing off over a chessboard
Prepping dinner
Dinner together
Kitty and Dandin the geriatric ferret
Evening around the card table
Ice cream time!
Walking back from the fireworks

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