Warhammer Cards Project

Wow, this project is finally wrapped up! I feel lucky to have worked with such talented artists.

So back in September, I started a project for a guy in Rochester, where two of my Illustration friends would produce high-fantasy art for Warhammer reference cards, and I would do the card design. We were completely incapable of setting up a deal where we would get paid a reasonable wage, but the project was fun enough that I don’t think we minded too much. :P And Brian was generous (especially with the feeding us hungry college students to make up for our low pay!) so it all worked out. I guess that the cards have been selling very well, and with a new version of the system coming out, I imagine they will do even better.

My understanding is that they provide new reference material to supplement the rulebooks, and which is also handy-dandy quick for looking up your spell casting info. They also look pretty sweet when you spread them out for your game of miniatures!

When I get copies of the prints, I’ll do more photos of the finished pieces. These are awesome cards and I bet you want to see the art from them, yes?

Click for full views (and then again for the larger JPG), but please remember these are just for looking. Please do not reuse them or modify them. If you like the art, talk to Brian to buy a set of printed cards! Or contact Christian or Chelsey directly to commission work/give feedback.

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