Monthly Archives: August 2010


As anyone who pays attention to Star Trek culture knows, one of the most important debates ever is which captain is the best. So here are my views on this matter. Also I am expanding it to “people in charge of space vessels on TV” since Nate always complains when the people I like are not technically captains. (more…)

Dandin the Ferret

Peggy and her mom asked me to take some pictures of their geriatric ferret. He’s really old at this point (and blind, deaf, and with little use of his hind legs), so we hoped he would be chill enough for me to take some nice pictures. Well it turns out, that Dandin still has a lot of energy! (more…)

Junior’s Burgers & Custard

Things have been kind of quiet around here as I hunt for jobs and work on freelance stuff. Just finished a new design project this week for my client, Junior’s Burgers & Custard. They’re a local burger shop looking to expand, and of course they need a new look! (more…)

Youthful Learning Experiences, or #201579

Lately I’ve been learning an important life lesson. Well, several actually. First, I’m learning Adam’s advice of “you’re not hired until there’s a signed contract” first-hand, and learning that it actually happens frequently and not “that kind of thing happens to someone else.” Since leaving safe little nest of high school, I’ve had (more…)