As anyone who pays attention to Star Trek culture knows, one of the most important debates ever is which captain is the best. So here are my views on this matter. Also I am expanding it to “people in charge of space vessels on TV” since Nate always complains when the people I like are not technically captains.

  1. Admiral Adama: This guy is the Chuck Norris of the science fiction world. Remember that movie “Stand and Deliver” about a math teacher who convinces a whole class of low-income hispanic students to learn calculus? He was played by the same actor. This guy can kick the butt of anyone who needs it, command the remnants of human civilization to Earth while being chased by the murderous Cylon fleet, and still have the hearts of his crew.
  2. Captain Reynolds: I think Mal has so much character that it makes up for other deficiencies of awesomeness. He swears in Chinese, picks fights with anyone he chooses, and generally has no regard for anyone. No matter how much of an idiot he’s been, he can always win with panache.
  3. Captain Sisko: hah, yes you read that right. Benjamin Sisko comes in ahead of both Kirk and Picard in my book even though some people will tell you he is not a captain. He combines the best of both worlds (so to say), is able to negotiate civilly with Dominion agents, shout down a misbehaving officer, get into fistfights and negotiate bureaucracy, and does all of this with a more consistent character than some other fictional leaders. Also he is scary when he gets angry, which I can’t really say for the other captains.
  4. Captain Picard: my mom will disown me if I list Kirk first, and anyway I think Picard has a lot more dimension to him. Less of the “we come in peace, fire all phasers” attitude as well as less skirt-chasing. On the other hand, less kick-assery, so this is a close decision.
  5. Captain Kirk: he’s a classic, but I mostly find him amusing. I guess it’s hard not to be when you’re wearing a shirt that looks like the top half of a bathrobe and 1960s flared crop pants over boots. And when you can’t speak a whole sentence without … pauses… for dramatic … emphasis.

Those are the regulars I can think of. Did I miss anybody?

2 Responses to “Commanders”

  1. Marilyn
    | Reply

    Not so sure about Adama, but then I haven’t seen all seasons of BG yet, and I still remember the original series with fondness.

    Could not agree with you more about Mal. He is a kick-a$% captain and also darn cute.

    I was never a huge fan of Sisko; I would definitely put Kirk and/or Picard ahead of him. Just my HO.

    I love both Kirk and Picard and vacillate almost daily over which one I prefer more. I think I would have to have them tied.

    Ask Nate what he thinks of my assessment!

  2. ellen
    | Reply

    Really? Nate always gave me the impression you were a die-hard Kirk fan. I know my preference for Sisko is bizarre, but he feels a lot more believable to me than either of the others.

    Adama gets more hardcore the longer the show goes on. But maybe if you know the old show too well it hampers appreciation of the new Adama.

    I’m kind of amused by how attractive all characters in Joss Whedon shows seem to be, male or female.

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