Custard Farmers

 Junior’s Burgers & Custard commissioned another couple of items from me. First, a modified version of the menus I made previously, this time to fit in the backlit display at their Champaign location. I went with a blue background to make the letters stand out better when lit from behind.

Second was the assignment to make a window skin to cover half their custard display cabinet. Since they have a limited number of flavors, they wanted something pretty to cover the empty part of the glass shield. I brought Chelsey Tyler back on board for this one since we were on a tight schedule and she did such a great job before. I sent over rough version of what I had in mind, she followed that up with a more creative sketch with all the shading and perspective in place, and then I went back over it to “ink” it in Junior’s two-color scheme.

The goal with this was to continue the modernized “Golden Age of America” aesthetic while reminding Junior’s loyal customers of their homegrown local pride for farming and the Illini.

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