Dandin the Ferret

Peggy and her mom asked me to take some pictures of their geriatric ferret. He’s really old at this point (and blind, deaf, and with little use of his hind legs), so we hoped he would be chill enough for me to take some nice pictures. Well it turns out, that Dandin still has a lot of energy!

He was so wiggly that I had trouble tracking him and keeping him in the frame long enough to get nice in-focus pictures of him. I think that since smell and touch are the only senses left to him, he had to keep his nose in constant motion to know what was going on.

Anyway, adorable ferret pictures resulted all the same. I guess if you push the button enough, some of them are bound to turn out well, right? ^_^

Dandin escapes his clothes!
Peggy & Dandin
Trying to get him in his clothes.
A fur collar?
Peeking out of the box
Bowl o' Ferret!
Pausing to smell the flowers
I think this picture describes the slippery little weasel.
Peggy and her man
Delivery for you!

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