Junior’s Burgers & Custard

Things have been kind of quiet around here as I hunt for jobs and work on freelance stuff. Just finished a new design project this week for my client, Junior’s Burgers & Custard. They’re a local burger shop looking to expand, and of course they need a new look!

Here’s the old menu style:

And here’s mine, a wall menu with blank space to hand-write fluctuating prices and a variable flavor calendar for each item. Target audience: construction workers on lunch breaks and mothers with kids looking for afternoon treats. So I did a lot of research into American WWII posters and other designs from the 1930s-50s, and tried to aim my style at a pro-American, pro-Illini, family-oriented crowd, with plenty of the youthful look Junior’s was going for in their original menu. Click for the larger image – each panel was printed 20″x40″!

I’ve really enjoyed working with Junior on this project – he’s been a great client, giving me a lot of freedom and being really enthusiastic about the design. Next up, formatting the menus for another of their locations, and a design for the front of their custard bucket display for listing all the tasty toppings you can put on your sundaes.

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