Monthly Archives: September 2010

Work Begins

Monday was the start of my internship here in Germany. The work day at Aclewe (aklevah) starts around 9:30 and runs until 18:30, and to give me some time to meet everybody, the whole office had a delicious breakfast together, followed by their weekly review of where projects stand. (more…)

Pullman City

Friday I showed up in Germany to visit with my square dance partner and go to a dance weekend at the “western city” in the Harz mountains. He had some things to take care of in the afternoon, so I spent a while visiting with a cat who comes and begs for food at his door, and getting my things sorted out, laundry done, etc. (more…)


Monday morning I woke up at 4am to fly to Chicago, and 11 hours after my arrival, to fly on to Brussels. Waking up was a lot easier than I expected – I guess I was ready to get on the road!

The day pass for the Admiral’s Club at O’Hare was definitely worth it. $50 for the day includes (more…)

Uni Art Club

Friday I went to my high school at the request of their art teacher, to talk to Art Club about what I do. Not many people from Uni go into art-related fields, and I felt really underprepared for the jump to a design program when I went to college, so I was excited to talk to students about (more…)