Monthly Archives: October 2010

The Lolrus Theme

I think that despite my years of doing web design/dev, and studying new media design, that perhaps my strength lies more in designing things that hold still – ie, static or print pieces. While I really enjoy designing things like business cards and the restaurant menu project from the summer, this really isn’t where the demand is. (more…)

Wuv, Twu Wuv

Before I start, this is a somewhat more personal post rather than news. Lately I have been doing some navel-gazing about my relationship with relationships, and I feel inclined to share my musings despite my usual inclination to avoid such things here. (more…)

Another Week

Life and work are generally chugging along, and I haven’t had much to report lately. I get up, get ready for work, spend the day there, and get home to discover it’s already 7pm and I have to buy groceries and do laundry. I haven’t been terribly adventurous outside that, in part due to the fact that despite calling my bank (more…)


My four-month apartment in the Nippes neighborhood (north side of Cologne) is a pretty sweet deal. I pay 320€/mo, which is about $440, and get my own room in a clean, new, three-person flat, complete with fancy appliances and —a rarity in Germany— a dryer. I’m waiting for the touch-sensitive stove to start talking to me. (more…)


This past week I was in housing my boss found for me because I was only able to find apartments until the 24th and then starting the 1st. So there was a gap week where I stayed in his girlfriend’s room in a very old apartment building. She evidently studied art history, so I have been promised an art tour of Cologne with the two of them at some point. (more…)